How much money will this guff cost Herefordshire taxpayers?

A while back, this blog awarded a ‘British Neville Award’, for quisling-like behaviour towards Islam, to one Neville Meredith, a diversity officer who haunts Herefordshire council like the lingering stench of a bad fart. For those who do not know, Neville Meredith is actively assisting Islamic groups to find a place where they can build one of their terrorism and sedition centres, otherwise known as a Mosque.

One of this blog’s contacts in Herefordshire suggested to me that pimping for Islam may not be the only bit of diversity madness that he may be involved in, which is most likely going to be paid for by taxpayers, in one way or another.

I did some digging and lo and behold, my source was correct. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to ‘F.A.C.E’. This stands for Fairness, Acceptance, Community, Equality and is a vehicle created by Herefordshire council, with allegedly a lot of input from Neville Meredith, to push a Leftist view of equality onto the people of Herefordshire. Unfortunately Meredith and his band of public sector fraggles seem to throw ‘equality’ out of the window when it comes to non-Muslims who are worried about Islam. ‘Shut up and enjoy the diversity’ seems to be Mr Meredith’s mantra.

But onto FACE and equally importantly Herefordshire’s Diversity and Equality Policies (see PDF document below). A brief read of Herefordshire council’s diversity policy should fill anyone with dread. Not only are the local authority doing the usual intrusive monitoring of how many of this group and how many of that group are doing senior jobs, but they are also imposing those conditions on those who tender for commercial contracts with the council. This means that Herefordshire council can use the Public Sector Equalities Requirement from the 2012 Equalities Act to force companies to do things that may not be relevant to whether the company can supply a service cost effectively or not. It does not take much imagination to see how this power will be abused by diversity officers and such like. This power could be used to bully companies into sacking staff who attend PEGIDA demonstrations or who have written pieces attacking multiculturalism or even to which charities or good causes companies donate cash and goods.

Worse still is the knowledge that Herefordshire taxpayers will have to fund this intrusive and business-impeding guff.

The Herefordshire taxpayer is also going to be sent the bill for other worthless drains on their wallets, not just the FACE group, which include:

A ‘Values Board’ which most surely will end up as a place where Islamic whiners will go to moan that ‘nobody likes us and we can’t think why?’ I wonder how much this classic piece of non-jobbery will cost? If you search for any indication of what they are up to, then you will find that its primary public face is a Twitter account where most of the followers seem to be other public sector organisations, some deluded police officers brim-full of ‘Bramshill bullshit’, a few goths, naïve Lefties and some artists. The feed can be found here: @FACE_Values Why not pop over there and politely give them some ‘home truths’ about the failures of multiculturalism and we shall see whether or not they respect diversity of opinion as well as diversity of belief, gender, disability and skin colour etc etc.

Also on the list of things that Herefordshire people are being expected to pay for is a web forum called Herefordshire Chatterbox, whose Facebook page can be found here: This page appears to be intimately connected with local interfaith groups, who if they behave like other interfaith groups who I have known will probably take great pains to ignore the ‘Islamic violence’ elephant in the room. I would imagine that such types would still be declaring that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ even if Islamic Jihadis were chopping heads off in Hereford’s High Town on Market Day.

Not content with wasting taxpayers’ money on paying someone to play at being Hereford’s Diversity Propaganda Minister in the digital environment, these taxpayers are also going to be expected to cough up for a hard copy magazine all about diversity. One of the aims of the council and the F.A.C.E group is to put out one of these ‘Pravdas’ called ‘Here For All’. I would suggest that those who receive one of these glossy propaganda monstrosities should take it to their local councillor and complain about the waste. Those who contribute to the State, should not be forced to pay for gullible brainwashed idiots to write facile and untrue articles about how how much better it would be if Herefordshire looked a lot more like Bradford. Whether the money to pay for such schemes comes from the local authority or the police or the Cabinet Office, it is at the end of the day, money that has been squeezed from taxpayers which could have been spent on something much more worthwhile. Personally I believe that spending money on a pile of festering cow dung is more worthwhile than funding Neville Meredith and his diversity hobby-horses.

These schemes, the intrusive monitoring of staff and contractors, and the pro-diversity propaganda must be costing the county, the City of Hereford and West Mercia Police tens upon tens of thousands of pounds to run. This is the sort of waste that needs to be removed from local government and I hope that one day Britain will elect a government that will put the Equalities Act, which forces councils to undertake all this diversity crap, into a place where it truly deserves to be, in the dustbin of history along with all the other failed policies and ideologies of the past.


Click the link below to access the pdf document about Hereford council’s intrusive and expensive diversity activities


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  1. Meanwhile, Herefordshire Council says, “We face unprecedented cuts in direct grants from the government” and “To balance our budget we will need to identify savings of at least £33m over the next three years.”

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 11, 2015 at 10:10 pm |

      My contacts in the area are telling me that the local authority has cut back on real services such as public toilets and rubbish collections etc and are moaning that they are skint, yet they can still find funds for diversity guff.

      Sadly it’s not just councils who have these diversity parasite sucking off of them. I believe tht there are many of them getting bunce off of police authorities under the guise of ‘safer neighbourhood partnerships’ and similar schemes.

      I don’t think these diversity wallahs do jack shit towards helping people of different races and religions get on, in fact their obsession with identity politics probably makes people more divided.

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