From Elsewhere: We need to talk about Islamic anti-Semitism.

Oh look! It’s another example of a member of the ‘religion of peace’ being their usual peaceful selves.

This ‘From Elsewhere’ selection is from Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine. He writes about how the issue of Islamic anti-Semitism is not discussed anything like as much as it should be. Although the ideology of Islam is a threat to all non-Muslim peoples, Islam is an especial threat to Jews. During the lifetime of Mohammed, it was the Jews who rejected his proclaimed prophethood and considered him as a false prophet. The Jews of Arabia were, as some sources say, hard working farmers and orchard-keepers and probably, like other groups of Jews in the Diaspora, they were literate, unlike Mohammed. The Jewish scribes could check the claims made and stories told by Mohammed against written sources, and these written sources must have told the Arabian Jews that Mohammed did not match up to the words, actions or conduct of the Biblical Prophets.

This rejection by the Jews of Mohammed’s message earned the Jews the emnity of Mohammed and his followers, resulting in genocide or forced conversion to Islam for many Jews on the Arabian peninsula. This is why Jew-hatred is as firmly ingrained in Islam as is the name of a seaside town running through a stick of rock. To paraphrase some words of JRR Tolkien, the brigand that was Mohammed must have, to the eyes of the more knowledgable of those he tried to beguile, ‘looked foul and seem even fouler’.

Jew-hatred in Islam isn’t a side show, it’s the main event. Islamic Jew-hatred is unlike Christian Jew-hatred, it doesn’t come from mistranslated or misused quotes from the Christian testament, or a later imposition of superscessionism, Islamic Jew-hatred is at the core of Islam. Not to put too fine a point on it, Jews of Arabia rejected Mohammed because he looked to them like a false Prophet, therefore Mo’s pride got hurt and he got murderously huffy about the matter.

This is a short precis of the deeply ingrained issues that Islam has with Jews and Judaism. As Mr Greenfield says, it is something that needs to be discussed. It is difficult not to concur with Mr Greenfield on the necessity to speak honestly and openly about Islamic Jew-hatred. However, it is this part of the piece, on the subject of why the Left will not acknowledge Islamic anti-Semitism, that caught my eye:

In an article for Front Page Magazine Mr Greenfield said:

‘When Western leftists make common cause with Arab and Islamic nationalists, they aren’t being post-colonial, they’re advocating an earlier form of colonialism that led and is once again leading to ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass slavery and the destruction of indigenous cultures; including that of the Jews.

Middle Eastern Jews, like other non-Muslim and non-Arab minorities, welcomed European colonialism as relief from Islamic and Arab colonialism. France is filled with Jews from North Africa because they received their rights for the first time under French rule. As French citizens, they could shed their mandatory black clothes and no longer fear being killed because of Islamic law, like Batto Sfez, a Tunisian Jew who was executed for blasphemy in an atrocity that triggered French intervention.

Yoav Hattab, one of the Jews murdered in the Kosher supermarket attack in Paris, was the son of the Chief Rabbi of Tunisia. While the Chief Rabbi was, in the unfortunate Dhimmi fashion of those who live under Islamic rule, forced to praise how well Tunisia treats Jews, his son was buried in Israel. Israel was also the place where most Tunisian Jews moved to escape Arab Muslim persecution.

The Western left can’t talk about Muslim anti-Semitism because it would also have to talk about Muslim colonialism. And then the entire basis of its approach to the Arab and Muslim world would collapse. If post-colonialism in the Middle East is just the replacement of one colonialism with another, then the left would have to admit that it has once again disgraced itself by supporting a totalitarian system.

Just as it replaced the czar with the commissar, it is replacing the protectorate with the caliphate.

Modern histories of the Middle East excuse the historical Muslim persecution of Jews for the same reason the media excuses modern Muslim attacks on Jews. This historical revisionism justifies Islamic colonialism in the service of post-colonialism with the myth of a golden age of benevolent tyranny.”

Read the rest of Daniel Greenfield’s interesting and informative piece here:

This is an excellent exposition of what has gone wrong and how the Left’s flirtation with post-colonialism is feeding the Jihadism that threatens some of the very social gains that have been made by some of the more sensible varieties of Leftists of the past. Although Jews are Islam’s primary target, that does not mean that the great social achievements of Leftism are not at risk, such as women’s emancipation, fair pay for workers, better employment conditions and fairer treatment of minorities. Jews are the ‘canary in the coalmine’ and it is stupid of the Left not to take note of both the resurgence and background of Islamic Jew hatred, and speak up against it. It is extremely disgusting that many people on the Left when challenged by Islamic anti-semitism, do not speak up, or worse, they go into denial mode, or increase their collusion with Islamic groups.

It certainly does look as if in Islam, the Left has backed another type of despotism, to put alongside Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. The problem for all of us in the free world, is that this time the dictators and oppressors are not conveniently overseas, or are killing people who are strange and of whom we know little, as was the case with Stalin and Pol Pot; Islamic despotism is all too close, both geographically and in its ability to cause us all harm. It is always more dangerous for a society to have an enemy inside the gates, than it is to have the enemy safely outside.

It may be tempting for some non-Jews to look at the threat posed by Islam to the Jewish people and think, ‘it doen’t affect me because I’m not Jewish’. However, to ignore or minimise the Islamic threat because it is aimed at Jews whether in Israel or in the Diaspora, is not only wrong and inhumane, but it’s extremely short sighted and against their own self interest. There is a saying in some parts of the Arab world that first the Muslims will destroy ‘the Saturday people’, the Jews and then they will come for ‘the Sunday people’, the Christians, and then onto those of other beliefs and philosophies.

Islamic anti-Semitism is not just a Jewish problem, it is everyone’s problem and it is about tme we talked about its existence and from whence it came.


Original story from Front Page Magazine

Interesting Christian website with opinions and background concerning Mohammed’s encounter with the Jews of Arabia

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  1. yes .this persecution of a minority us our problem.and is on our shores.
    The enemy is clearly amongst us and growing. It will be interesting to see if the muslims get there way and, , along with some of the left effectively ban cartoon depictions of the false prophet.
    I feel we are all living through a pivotal point in history and only time will tell if , not only the uk, but the rest of the world rejects the liberal lefts blind backing of this violent ideology.
    it may have to get a whole lot worse before we see any change.

  2. Vincent Bate | January 22, 2015 at 9:33 am |

    On the subject of the Western Leftwing, I wonder how it is that any movement can be so wrong, so often, about so many things and still manage to be so self-righteously pompous and preachy? Not just about the desert death-cult, but almost every subject it has ever commented on? I honestly find it inexplicable.

    • Because for the same reason we know we are right Vincent or perhaps they want a life of servitude,saves thinking,or could it be the vast sums of money flowing from the Saudis flowing through Government think tanks?

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