Hillary Clinton, showing contempt or the American people

The current political furore in Washington DC about former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bypassing Government secure email servers and carrying out business via her own personal server installed in her home, is not just a story about an appalling breach of data security, but an illustration of her arrogance.

It seems completely at odds with the idea that Government should be subjected to democratic and legal checks and balances for such a senior member of government to remove so much data from oversight. It is sheer unadulterated arrogance for Hillary Clinton to think that her actions are either acceptable or ethical or moral. It is also chilling to think that she may have been carrying out Government business on a server that may not have been sufficiently protected from attack and that data pertaining to her work as Secretary of State may have been syphoned off by hackers working for foreign and sometimes hostile governments.

Her actions go against the very basic premises of data security and may have endangered the American nation and American citizens. By having her own server she has breached rules that are hammered into even the most basic grade British Civil Servant and these rules amount to ‘don’t take sensitive data home’ and ‘don’t carry out business on non-government email systems’.

Anybody in the UK Civil Service who works with sensitive data and works outside the office is told that the must never use webmail or other similar systems and can only communicate with their base by way of the Government Secure Internet (.gsi) system. In many government departments staff also told that they cannot use hotmail or gmail or other webmail systems at lunchtime such is the risk of these systems being vehicles for hacking attack. These basic procedures do not seem to have been followed by Hillary Clinton.

There is no excuse, none whatsoever, for Hillary Clinton to have her own server which carries email which are in effect outside the oversight of the Government that she was a major part of. I’m normally all in favour of the private citizen having privacy for their communications but Hillary Clinton was not and is not a private citizen and there are a lot of suspicions that Hillary Clinton may have been using this server for a combination of public State Department business, communications regarding the funding of the shady ‘Clinton Foundation’ and legitimate private family communications. There appears to have been no separation by Hillary Clinton of these categories of communications and that is extremely worrying. It raises so many worrying questions such as how many communications about the Benghazi disaster have been carried not by US Government secure servers and how much by her private server? The American people don’t know and it’s plain to see that Hillary Clinton seems to have no intention to tell them or to voluntarily allow security cleared Government experts to check what has been going on.

This is monstrous arrogance on Hillary Clinton’s part and shows her contempt for the American governmental and legal systems and for the American people. It is the sort of behaviour that makes Richard Nixon look like a saint and a paragon of honesty.

Who holds the office of President of the United States is not just a matter of concern for American voters and American citizens but a matter that the whole free world has an interest in. I, a Briton, used to think that Barak Obama was the most dodgy and incompetent holder of the office since Carter, but I feel that President Hillary could be an even greater danger to freedom and it is to be hoped that the American people wake up to the threat of another Leftie in the White House and treat Hillary Clinton with the suspicion that she appears to deserve.

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  1. English...not many of us left. | March 15, 2015 at 1:28 pm |

    Benghazi… all you need to know about this woman.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 15, 2015 at 5:07 pm |

      It’s not just Benghazi, Hillary has a murky past stretching right back to the Watergate enquiry according to some accounts.

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