Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A S**thole Volume 41 – The uncharitable Islamic charities of Pakistan

‘Poor me, poor me, poor little Muslims’ is a cry we often here from Muslims, Islamic groups and apologists for Islam. Daily we hear Muslims whining that nobody likes them and that they are being oppressed by the big bad West and that we non-Muslims don’t care enough about Muslims even though Western nations contribute millions upon millions of dollars and pounds and Euros in aid to Islamic nations. Fair do’s they are entitled to their opinion, even if it is plainly a load of old bollocks. Yet what happens in societies that are run on Islamic lines? How are they doing on the freedom from oppression front? Not at all well if this story about the uncharitiable Islamic charities operating in Pakistan is to be believed.

A Christian media service, The Christian Post has said that Christian victims of this summer’s floods in Pakistan are being given a choice by Islamic ‘charities’ and ‘aid organisations’. The choice that these desperately deprived Christians are being is this; they can give up being Christian or become the slaves of Muslims. This is an appalling thing bearing in mind that the boot was on the other foot, and Christian charities were only assisting Christians, or were trying to coerce Muslims into becoming Christian, then Muslims would be whining louder than a WWII air raid siren about ‘discrimination’.

This is what the Christian Post has said about this latest bit of Islamic bullying:

As torrential flooding spanned across various regions of Pakistan this summer and washed away thousands of homes, Christians in Kasur have received very little humanitarian aid and have been left to starve if they don’t convert to Islam or become modern-day slaves in order to receive help from Muslims or the government.

Wilson Chowdhry, the president of the British Pakistani Christian Association, told The Christian Post that there are more than 60 Christian families in the western Pakistani region of Kasur that have lost their homes and all worldly possessions when the deluge hit this summer and washed their mud homes and everything inside them away.

While Muslims in the region have benefited from temporary shelter, clean water and food provided by Pakistani government agencies and Muslim charities, Christians have largely been without those bare necessities and medication needed to fight illnesses that can occur after flooding.

Chowdhry explained that some Muslim charities are giving Christians the option to convert to Islam and renounce Jesus if they want to receive help.

“We are are aware that this community has previously been offered aid from Muslim charities if they convert but they never accept conversion. They hold strong to their faith. They believe God will be their provider,” Chowdhry explained. “These families have literally been struggling without food. Churches have opened up their doors but can’t provide them much aid because the churches themselves in the region are struggling. We are talking about a very rural part of Pakistan.”

Chowdhry added that as desperation started to get the best of the Christian population in Kasur, many Kasur Christians ended up signing bonded labor contracts in order to receive aid from Muslim landlords before BPCA arrived in the region.

“We have come in very late. We first went to Layyah and Gilgit, but if we could have arrived [in Kasur] seven days earlier, there could have been more lives that we potentially could have saved from this modern-day slavery,” Chowdhry said. “Several families have already now signed contracts, which has now made them slaves for their Muslim landlords.”

Although the flooding hit other regions like Layyah and Gilgit, Chowdhry stated that through “the grace of God,” Christians in those areas were “unaffected” by the flooding. After BPCA officer Naveed Aziz visited Christians in Layyah and Gilgit, he then made his way to Kasur where he noticed that Christians in that region were not as fortunate.

“I was shocked at the immense devastation before me it was a lot to take in,” Aziz said in a statement. “People are in real desperation and children are starving. I am surprised and shocked at the lack of help from Pakistani authorities.”

As flooding has become a consistent problem for Pakistan over the last five years, Chowdhry said it “is not unusual” for the government to overlook helping the Christian communities.”

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‘Convert or become slaves’ that is what Islam means to Christians in Pakistan that is the sole choice available to desperate, homeless Christians who have the misfortune to have to live in a land that can only be truthfully described as ‘the turd that refuses to flush’.

Stories like this should be required reading for Western Christians, especially those Western Christians who are naively believing that all religions and all cultures are the same or similar. It should also be required reading for the foolish and idiotic ‘interfaith’ mob. The truth is, they are not. Whilst a Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu or Buddhist charity or aid agency would assist any human in a natural disaster, Islamic charities dont do this. Islamic charities appear to be primarily interested in using their resources and the appalling flood disaster as leverage in their quest to drive out all religions other than Islam from Pakistan.

Can you imagine the fuss, the noise, the threats and the violence that would ensue if a Christian or Jewish charity behaved in this manner? The noise and disturbance would be deafening and no doubt the Christian or Jewish charities that had behaved badly would engage in profuse handwringing and would put in place policies to prevent such abuse from happening again. However taking any opportunity to treat people who are non Muslim like shit is something we’ve become used to from the followers of Islam.

This story should give non-Muslims even more reason to never, ever donate to Islamic charities because too many of them are false, are discriminatory as in this case or are basically fronts to funnel money into jihad.

If this story illustrates ‘Islamic charity’ then all I can say is, it stinks.


Original article from the Christian Post

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