A letter to America. Please pardon our Muslims, Left wing Quislings, and craven politicians.

The historical relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States of America has often been positive and useful for both sides, yes there have been problems, the regrettable and unnecessary war of 1812 for instance, but there are connections between our two great nations that go both wide and deep. Trade, culture, learning and scientific discovery has increased in the world, because America and Britain have worked together, shared together and sometimes fought together against common adversaries. America and American citizens have not stinted when it comes to defending Britain in the past, when we have been threatened, we should never forget that. Any visit to an American war cemetery or memorial in the UK will show even to those who are the most ignorant of history, the graves and names of many Americans who gave their lives to help Britain stay free we were faced with the worst that the Age of Dictators could throw at us. At the going down and rising of the sun, we should always remember our American liberators along with our own dead.

Therefore it pains me to feel that I have to apologise on behalf of the people of Britain for our worthless politicians, mad left wing activists and our seriously disturbed, and disturbing I might add, Muslims. The sight of Parliament, a once respectable institution, debating whether free speech should be shut down, and whether to ban from the UK a potential candidate for the office of President of the United States of America, because the Muslims don’t like it, is both shaming and sickening.

For those, especially this blog’s many American readers, who may not know about British politics in any great detail, there is a policy where any petition that gets above a certain number of signatures can be debated in the House of Commons chamber. The result of the debate is not legally binding on either the people, the Government or the Crown, and is basically a PR safety valve for whatever is bothering those British subjects, who are bothered about whatever issue they are bothered about. It has also unfortunately turned into an opportunity for British politicians, who are held in low enough esteem as it is, to further embarrass themselves by engaging in leftist virtue signalling. We’ve seen this before in a petition-forced Commons debate on immigration, which saw MP after MP dismiss genuine concerns from the people about immigration as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ or whatever ‘snarl’ word was in favour that week.

The debate in the Commons chamber yesterday was a travesty of democracy and of politics. For a start the anti-Donald Trump petition was created for quite another purpose, by a Left wing activist. This petition was then amplified and hijacked by anti-free speech Muslims, Leftist Quislings and those for whom the word ‘cretin’ is really just not strong, or descriptive, enough for them. The debate was in part a microcosm of what is wrong with Britain. We had the organised, and indeed arrogant, pack of Muslims calling for the free speech of Britons, and for the people’s right to hear different opinions, to be removed. Joining in with that chorus was the Left, especially the Labour Left, who have long since ceased to represent or fight for the majority of Britain’s working people and are in many areas of the UK, basically now an ‘Islam Party’ in all but name. When I look at Britain’s Islam and identity politics obsessed Labour Party, I can’t help but ponder the question,: Just how fast is Keir Hardie spinning in his grave? We also saw something which has become far too common in the UK in recent years and that is the sight of what passes for Britain’s Conservative Party these days scrambling like mad to virtue signal for all they are worth.

I’ve long ceased to be any sort of fan of David Cameron, it’s difficult to respect any politician who oozes such smarmy distrust, or who utters the phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ as many times as he has after numerous Islamic atrocities. To see him climbing into the bully pulpit built by the Muslims and their Leftist allies was for me disgusting, as I hope it will disgust any other thinking British patriot. To see and hear David Cameron, a man who is supposed to be the first among equals in representing Britain and fighting for Britons, pandering to Islam by calling Donald Trump ‘divisive’ as he did, told me more about Mr Cameron’s weaknesses than almost any other action he could have done. Although he said that he didn’t support a ban on Donald Trump, he should have treated this Leftist/Islamist attack on freedom of speech and freedom of opinion with the derision that it deserved. By giving credence to the petition and giving over so much parliamentary time to it, the Government and House of Commons managers have given those who hate us, the British people and hate freedom of speech, a victory. This petition should have been seen for what it was, not an expression of genuine concern about an important issue, which was the case with the immigration petition, but an attempt by the Islamic/Leftist enemy within to attack people’s rights to speak and hold opinions that the Left/Islamic alliance finds disagreeable.

Yesterday I felt ashamed. I felt deeply ashamed, not of my country or its people or its history, culture or art, but of its political class. Too many of them showed just whose side that they are on, and it’s not the side of the non-Muslims who are increasingly uncomfortable with the attitudes and actions of the followers of the ‘religion of death’. Forked-tongued creations of the party machine, the placemen, like the Labour MP Jack Dromey, played to the Islamic gallery and the often fraudulent Islamic vote bank that mostly sustains his party. Creatures like him showed Britain and the world yesterday that they are more than willing to throw the freedoms that Britons and Americans have fought and died for, under the bus, if it pleased the Muslims.

My message to my American readers is this: Do not correlate or equate the disgusting display of anti-Trump rhetoric and blatant and outrageous Islamopandering that you may have seen in the House of Commons, with the views of the British people. It must be remembered that any nation will have a fair number of traitors, dolts and those who hate the country that they live in. Britain is a nation that has 64 million people living on these crowded Islands, and only a mere 500k for so of them want to silence dissenting voices, and deprive the British people of hearing the opinions of Mr Donald Trump.

What this number does represent are those who can quite fairly be described as enemies of the British people. After all how else can you describe those who would curtail people’s right to speak against the ideology of Islam and the problems it causes, but who say nothing, and skulk in the shadows, when it comes to the Islamic hate preachers who seem to have easy and free access to this nation.

It’s difficult to find words to describe how deeply ashamed I feel that this group of baying, self congratulatory, virtue-signalling, group-thinking, weak and dismal excuses for Parliamentarians have behaved. This debate will cause anybody who genuinely believes in freedom, to get a laugh at my nation’s expense. Yesterday’s Islam and Leftist inspired anti-Donald Trump hate-fest in a Chamber that has been graced by much greater intellects than possessed by the current inhabitants, is something that any British patriot, whatever their political allegiance, should feel both sad and angry about.

Yesterday’s debate, and the contributions made to it by the pro-Islam Quislings, in favour of removing ancient and hard fought for rights at the insistence of an Islamic and leftist enemy, will give further reason to believe that when scum rises, it rises to fill the chamber of the House of Commons. It’s long past time that the scum was given a thorough flushing.

Sorry my Yankee friends, it’s not us the people who are wrong on this, it’s our politicians, and our politicians alone who have failed and they’ve failed because they have chosen the wrong side.

Britain needs more free speech, not less and we certainly don’t need the followers of a 7th century death cult telling us what we can and cannot say about them or anything else.


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  1. English, still here... just. | January 19, 2016 at 12:14 pm |

    If Trump has pissed off all those muslims, lefties, politicos
    and other assorted traitors and parasites,
    then he really must be doing something right.
    Don’t know abut banning him.
    We need him here.

  2. Thank you for explaining it all so clearly, and as the above comment says if Trump is pissing the left and muzzies off, then he is doing right by me.

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