‘Carry On Up The Mosque’? Scuffle breaks out at mosque during ‘dispelling negative stereotypes about Islam’ event

The Al Ramha Mosque in Liverpool where the scuffle at the dispelling myths about Islam event took place.


An event designed to ‘dispel negative stereotypes of Islam ended up as we might expect, in a bit of a ruck. During a visit to the mosque by a teacher and a group of students, the former mosque chairman kicked off and got involved in a scuffle with the teacher. This scuffle then had to be broken up by a visiting Christian Vicar. The incident that occurred in the Al Rahma mosque in Liverpool appears to have started over a row between the teacher and the ex-mosque chair Zikrullah Omope over the issue of men in the mosque’s area for women and over some mosque staff not being vetted to prove they are not a danger to children. The case ended up in one of Merseyside’s Magistrates’ Courts where Omope was found not guilty of assaulting the teacher Natasha Odita.

This case is almost a microcosm of Britain today and Britain’s Islam problems. Muslim does something that a non-Muslim doesn’t like and is called out for it, or Muslim is otherwise considered dodgy, Muslim arrogantly objects to having himself/his lifestyle/his actions/his paedo ‘prophet’ criticised. The end result of whatever the root cause may be, whether it is major or minor, justified or unjustified, is that we have the Muslim kicking off aggressively.

The Liverpool Echo (h/t ROP) is carrying this glorious story showing Islamic knobwittery and yet again exposing the lie that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’. It seems that there was enough CCTV evidence to show that a scuffle and a dispute had gone on, but not enough to show that Omope had committed an assault. Here’s part of the Liverpool Echo story. As is the usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Liverpool Echo said:

The former chairman of Liverpool’s Al Rahma mosque has been cleared of assaulting a teacher after snatching her mobile phone.

Zikrullah Omope was accused of causing scratches and bruising to Natasha Odita, 38, during an unseemly scuffle in a room where she had been giving an educational talk to a school group from Denmark.

Omope, 59, of Bagot Street in Wavertree , had pleaded not guilty to assault and was found not guilty after a trial at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court today.

In an incident captured on CCTV, Omope was seen to enter the women’s prayer room despite the protestations of Ms Odita, 38, and her mum Catherine Odita-Sani, 57, who run a programme together helping schools learn about modern Islam.

As part of the programme, the pair invite school groups to the mosque in Hatherley Street, Toxteth, to see how their religion is practised and to dispel negative stereotypes.

I see that yet another attempt to ‘dispel negative stereotypes’ about Islam has failed dismally and very publicly. It is to be hoped that this encounter at the mosque helps to wake up Ms Odita and those like them, concerning the true nature of Islam. In almost any situation, Islamic aggression, hatred and violence is never far from the surface. It certainly seems that Ms Odita’s project to paint Islam as ‘peaceful’ and to brainwash students into thinking only good things about Islam, has hit the wall of reality with an almighty crash.

The Danish students whom Ms Odita was spinning the dodgy ‘religion of peace’ line to, appeared somewhat traumatised by the incident which appears to have been sparked by allegations that Omope had ‘made a show of himself’ by his behaviour.

The Liverpool Echo continued:

The Danish teenagers, some of who “burst into tears,” were ushered out of the room before Ms Odita accused Omope of “making a show of himself” and began recording him on her phone.

Ms Odita-sani could be heard telling the teenagers: “This was an event organised by women, planned by women and executed by women, these men want to over-ride that.”

The footage showed a chaotic scuffle after Omope snatched the phone, ending when Reverend Robert Gallagher, who was attending the educational event, intervened and split the warring parties apart.

The fight had to be broken up by a visiting Vicar. This story is becoming more and more like a gruesome Islam themed ‘Carry On’ film by the minute. I read this story half expecting Hattie Jacques to appear in a Kippah playing a naïve Reform Rabbi doing ‘interfaith’ work and Charles Hawtrey to burst out of a Burka saying ‘Oh hello’.

Omope was found not guilty by the District Judge Richard Clancy who stated that this incident could have been handled better by Omope. According to the Echo District Judge Clancy said:

The question you should ask yourself is; would things have escalated if you had not grabbed the phone?Things were under control, the position was that it didn’t appear they were in your face. On their account you grabbed it, you were not entitled to do that. After that everything kicked off completely.”

It does indeed appear that the arrogant Muslim made a bad situation much worse. The CCTV allegedly showed the Ms Odita and her mother grabbing at Omope in response to him trying to grab their mobile phone. What also emerged during the trial is that Ms Odita may have had some concerns, whether founded or unfounded, that all was not well with the Criminal Records checks on mosque staff who may have contact with children.

The Liverpool Echo added:

During the trial, Ms Odita, a high school teacher studying a Masters degree at Liverpool John Moore’s University, said she had told Omope and the chief Imam, Abu Usamah, to leave as they had not been CRB checked.

Maybe Ms Odita was being a bit over the top with her complaint but knowing how Islam has no real cultural or religious prohibition on paedophilia maybe she was right to be worried? Also if something bad did happen to one of Ms Odita’s charges whilst at the mosque and she hadn’t taken the necessary checks on those who had contact with the children, then Ms Odita may have got in legal trouble. This question may well have been asked for arse-covering reasons.

Under questioning from Paul Sweeney, defending, she said: “I was not the aggressor. I did everything I could to stop these people from entering, I asked on numerous occasions for them to leave.

I just wanted to do my job which I enjoyed, I didn’t want to be here today.”

That as well may be and Ms Odita may have had legitimate concerns about the entry of men into woman’s spaces. But, the District Judge did make the valid point that the matter could have been handled better by Ms Odita and others and that Ms Odita didn’t have the right to restrict the movements of people on their own property.

The visiting Vicar, the Reverend Gallagher told the court that he was ‘appalled’ by the incident. However, he should be aware that aggression, male supremacy and arrogance is sadly quite normal for Islam and many of those who adhere strictly to Islam and Islamic law. This Vicar should consider himself to have had a bit of a wake up call with regards Islam methinks.

The Liverpool Echo concluded:

As the verdict was delivered, Omope’s family breathed a collective sigh of relief and some could be heard saying ‘Allahu Akhbar’, Arabic for ‘God is Greatest’.

As most people recently have heard the Islamic war cry ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ being shouted out during terrorist attacks, I wonder how many of the court staff jumped out of their skins when they heard this war cry being declared in the court? I know I would as this phrase is uttered so often before Muslims explode, stab, shoot or run over innocent non Muslims. I wouldn’t bet against this lot kicking off loudly and possibly violently had this verdict been different.

This is one of those cases where you wish all parties mentioned in this story could in some way lose. The aggressive Imam and mosque staff, the educator peddling dishonest platitudes about Islam and a possibly Islam appeasing Vicar are all part of the same basic problem and that is Britain’s lunatic tolerance of Islam, one of the most intolerant ideologies on Earth.



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