Be an ‘active parent’ and protect your children from Islamic propaganda.

British children encouraged to pray to Allah on a mosque visit

In the United Kingdom there is an appallingly high level of pro-Islam propaganda being dished out to our children in some schools. This blog has covered some of the more blatant and obvious examples of this (see LINKS section below) but sadly these are not isolated cases. In many if not most State community schools, our children are being mis-educated on the subject of Islam such as being told that it is a ‘religion of peace’. What is worse is this dishonest approach by teachers, a significant number of whom seem to be on the Left of politics, is actively endangering children. A policy of telling children lies about Islam is having the effect of encouraging them to drop their guard around Muslims when in reality children should be taught to regard Islam and many Muslims with justifiable suspicion. It’s putting children in danger to tell them that something is safe when in reality it is highly dangerous.

We’ve come to this point because parents have not taken enough critical interest in what goes on in their children’s schools. A residual social respect for the teaching ‘profession’ has meant that far too many parents have taken the view that the schools should be allowed to just ‘get on with it’ when it comes to the matter of education. Because of this ‘they know best’ attitude, teachers and educationalists have been able to get away with things that they should not have been allowed to get away with, which includes pro-Islam propaganda. The bulk of parents have in my opinion stood too far back and allowed Leftists in the teaching profession to become indoctrinators of Islam and other Leftist nostrums, rather than be general educators.

If we are to protect our children from being given dangerously dishonest information about Islam then the way to do it is to be much more informed about what is going on in our children’s schools. We cannot afford to be slack and give the schools and the teachers the benefit of the doubt on this; there is too much as stake here, such as our children’s futures.

As parents we need to be much more of a pain in the arse to our children’s educators. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be fobbed off with the bland guff about ‘diversity’ and ‘community cohesion’ or ‘Britain’s multicultural future’ behind which teachers hide Islamic propaganda. We should instead make ourselves highly aware of exactly what is going on in our children’s schools and more importantly exactly what sort of guff our kids are being fed.

When we find that schools intend to lie to our children by saying to them ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ or some other statement of dishonesty then there are several things that need to be done. Firstly, you need to get in touch with other parents who may be of a similar Islamo-critical mindset. Remember, one parent with a single complaint about Islamic propaganda is easy for the school and the staff there to intimidate, but a group of of parents all concerned about something, is less easy to ignore and to intimidate.

You need to find out exactly what is being taught and how it is being taught. You need to ascertain whether this propaganda is being taught as part of Religious Education (if so you have legal rights to withdraw your child from RE either in whole or in part) or whether it is being slipped into other non-RE lessons, such as English or Geography, in which case things become a little more challenging. The sneaking of pro-Islamic propaganda into non-Religious Education subjects where it becomes more difficult for a parent to remove a child, is something that parents need to guard against. You might find the school is doing, as some schools in Cumbria did a few years back, a ‘multicultural week’ which sounds innocuous but is often a cover for pro-Islam propaganda.

It’s vitally important when challenging pro-Islam propaganda in a school to build as many links with concerned parents and others who share your concerns, as possible. There must be the largest and most visible objection possible to things like multikulti weeks, visiting Islamic speakers or other Islam promoters and against the abhorrent practise of ‘mosque visits’, which often end up as full on Dawa opportunities.

When you have got your group of objectors together, make sure it polices itself properly. Any hint of genuine ‘racist’ activity, such as criticising people for the colour of their skin, will be seized upon by any pro-Islam teachers and used against your group in the media and elsewhere. Don’t give your enemies which may include teaching staff, ammunition to attack your group or your aims.

You should also make your group’s objections to pro-Islam propaganda known to the teaching staff and the school’s Senior Management Team. There is no point in grumbling at home, the battle has to be taken to those at the school who are currently committed to pro-Islam propaganda. Make sure that you don’t do this in isolation and inform alternative news sites, local papers (where they can be trusted) and blogs.

It’s really important to be timely and informed when it comes to countering pro-Islam attitudes among a school’s staff. You need to find out before each term starts if possible just what your child will be taught and when they will be taught it. At present, the first that many parents find out about a school’s plans for dishing out pro-Islam propaganda is when they get a letter home from the school saying that a mosque visit has been arranged, or some Islam promoter is going to be welcomed into the school. Often this is too late to organise a resistance effectively and puts too many balls in the school’s court. In these situations the school has ample opportunity to plan to counter objections to the proposed Islam propaganda but those angered by it have little time to prepare a fight back.

We all need to be informed parents where Islam is concerned. We cannot trust the schools to teach the subject of Islam in any sort of unbiased or factual way, therefore we must watch the schools like hawks for any forthcoming Islamopandering opportunities.

Finally we can all play our part by telling our children the truth about Islam. We should tell them that Islam is a threat to peace, that dressing women in mobile canvas prisons is wrong and explain the dangers posed by Islam. This doesn’t have to mean that you tell your child to hate individual Muslims, that would be crossing a line, but instead telling them that although person ‘A’ may be a nice person, that doesn’t mean the path that they follow is good or right. It’s analogous to teaching a child road safety. You teach a child to have a proper level of fear and respect for traffic, but you don’t give them a hatred for or psychological complex about cars or drivers per se.

The pandering to Islam in our schools and the lies that have been told to our children about it have gone on for far too long now and it is time that these practises were protested about and stopped. However, only you the parents of Britain have that power. We are the ones who need to protest because we are the ones who want our children to survive.


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