An appeal for information. Why not let us judge for ourselves whether these words are ‘offensive’ or not?

Police Scotland say be quiet and do not speak about Islamisation

Police Scotland have recently given us yet more evidence that they have become a thoroughly politicised police force by their arrest of a man who criticised rumoured plans to put well over a thousand alleged Syrian ‘refugees’ onto the Isle of Bute. Anybody who knows anything about Islam or Islamic culture knows that dumping a thousand Muslims (and we must assume at this point that the alleged ‘refugees’ are more likely to be Muslim) onto a area with a population of about 6000 is a community killer. This number of Muslims will completely change the character of the Bute community and will almost without doubt place the original inhabitants in much more danger from crime and violence than they were before such a large influx of Muslims.

If you don’t believe me on that, then ask the Gays whose pubs and entertainment venues have been almost totally driven out in the Islam dominated London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Further evidence of the damage that large dollops of Islam can do can be found in the neighbouring borough of Newham where the growth and dominance of Islam has made the area highly unsafe for anybody who is visibly Jewish. There is no way on earth can such a large number of Muslims be dumped on Bute and it not destroy the culture and community that currently exists on the island.

That said, it’s horrifying to see that Police Scotland in their utter arrogance and probably because of political pressure from the very pro-Islam Scottish National Party, do their utmost to prevent people from discussing the problems that ‘refugees’ from Islamic lands can and do bring. According to Breitbart the police in Scotland are coming down really hard on those who question the State’s policy of importing more Muslims.

Breitbart said:

British Police have promised not to tolerate any speech that could cause offence on social media regarding Syrian migrants, after arresting a man for Facebook comments made about recent arrivals on his small Scottish Island.

The tiny Isle of Bute in the Firth of Clyde, which had a total population of just 6,498 in 2011, is expected to take in around 1,000 Syrian migrants, with 12 families already arriving since December last year (picture above).

However, commenting on the comparatively huge and sudden influx of Muslim immigrants online just became a very risky business for local residents.

Police have confirmed they have arrested a 41-year-old local man under the Communications Act, after receiving a report of a supposedly “offensive” comment made on Facebook regarding the migrants.

A police spokesman was unequivocal, that any harsh criticism of the Muslim influx would not be “tolerated”. Inspector Ewan Wilson from Dunoon police office told the Guardian following the arrest:

I hope that the arrest of this individual sends a clear message that Police Scotland will not tolerate any form of activity which could incite hatred and provoke offensive comments on social media”.

This story should raise quite a few concerns for many different people. For those who believe in free speech for example the gleeful attitude of those like Inspector Wilson in connection with this arrest should cause both anger and disgust. For those in the local community who are worried about what a large influence of Muslims will mean, they must be worried that if they express any sort of objection about this proposed and alleged Muslim imposition, then they will be locked up. This is a classic example of how arrests for ‘politically incorrect speech’ have a chilling effect on debates that this country badly needs to have.

At present we do not know the nature of the words themselves and we can only speculate about what they may have been, based on the type of offence that the man has been charged with. These words may not constitute a credible ‘threat to kill’ as per the Offences Against the Person Acts so it is likely that the words didn’t meet that legal standard. The man concerned has been charged with a Communications Act offence that can be quite flexibly interpreted to cover anything from online stalking, to saying something that the Muslims and their appeasers don’t like.

Having to rely on speculation in order to ascertain what these words were is not a satisfactory situation to be in, it really is not. We also cannot rely on the Press giving us much of a clue about the words when and if the case comes before the courts. Because publications may themselves fear prosecution if they report the words at the centre of this case when they are repeated in Court, we may not even get to hear what they were. The press may hide behind euphemisms such as ‘grossly offensive’ or ‘used language that we cannot broadcast’ in order to not tell the people just exactly what was said.

Therefore so that people can judge for themselves whether or not these words are fair comment, part of robust debate or might be a genuine ie non ‘hate speech’ fake ‘crime’ offence, I’d like to make the following appeal for information. I’d like to ask anyone who has a copy of these words preferably in a timed and dated screen-shot with as much provenance as possible that these are indeed the words in question, to send them to me via the email address that can be found on this blog’s ‘Contact’ page. It is right and proper that the people of Britain should judge for themselves whether or not these words constitute a problem or whether this is just a case of Police Scotland doing their utmost to silence those who object to their communities being destroyed by immigration plans such as the ones that have been alleged above.

When, and if, this blog receives and checks the words in question, they will be published here so that people can see for themselves what this man has been arrested for. I will of course, do my utmost to keep the identity of those who communicate this information to me, as quiet as possible, I’m an ‘old school’ writer, therefore I try to protect my sources. When I was an NUJ member I took the ‘keep the sources secret’ rule very seriously indeed.

When it comes to the matter of political correctness and protecting Islam from criticism Police Scotland have got a lot of ‘form’ as you may discover from some of the links below. It seems wrong to me, and probably to many others to arrest and charge a person for words that may or not constitute a genuine offence merely because they might be objecting to seeing their community overrun by Muslims. It is also a sign that Police Scotland are a force that has not only forsaken the concept of policing by consent, but is now a force that is out of control.


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  1. So “Hate Speech” is objecting to assorted ne’er do wells imported from the back of beyond but emphatically is not threatening to behead anybody who dares to disagree with them. (Surely incitement to commit murder is an offence just as serious if not much more so than objecting to a foreign import?) Incidentally, it seems that the leader of the Rochdale Peados is taking his case to the EHCR because the jury was not made up of paedos but was institutionally racist and making muslins scapegoats!

  2. Why did you believe that 1000 migrants are being sent to a single Island? Do you not think it’s more likely that they would be spread across the country instead?

    All it would have taken is to read the linked article to see that they’re not all going to the same island.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 24, 2016 at 7:06 am |

      The issue in this story is not how many or where these people are going, but the appalling and politically driven actions of Police Scotland. They arrested and charged someone for expressing a negative opinion about the prospect of having relatively vast numbers of alleged ‘Syrians’ dumped on them and rural and Island communities ending up suffering in the same way that rural German communities have suffered because of these migrants.

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