From Elsewhere: The East London Mosque – A citadel of hatred

The East London Mosque, home of countless hate-mongers.

It seems like the East London Mosque, the one that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were told not to walk past, has been up to its old tricks again and booking hate preachers.

The Harry’s Place blog said:

Last week at the East London Mosque, you could have heard the Friday sermon being delivered by a hate preacher who has been banned from Sheffield Hallam university: Assim al-Hakeem. You can watch his sermon on the institution’s own Youtube channel.

Assim al-Hakeem teaches that apostates must be killed:

Q: If truly there is no compulsion in religion,why then are apostates killed?Some end up hating islam and calling untruthful.

A:As long as they have been Muslim, once they reject it, their Devine punishment is execution.

This takes place on the instruction of the ruler after a panel of judges talk to him and try to convince him.

His execution is due to his betrayal to Islam which is like grand treason.

He’d like to see Christians and Jews executed in an Islamic state for “talking against Mohammed“:

Q In case of some Christian or Jew talking against Mohammad(SAWW) etc, then will the penalty be the same in Islam in a Muslim state?

If this was done in a proper Muslim state, the Muslim ruler has to after consulting with the Islamic judge execute them after they are tried and convicted in a court of Islamic law.

The East London Mosque has previously promised faithfully they would not book such vile preachers in the future and quite a few Liberal Christians and Jews from North and East London believed them.  More fool them.

Check the Harry’s Place link for the full story.

2 Comments on "From Elsewhere: The East London Mosque – A citadel of hatred"

  1. Paris Claims | July 2, 2013 at 6:26 am |

    If you read right down to the bottom of the article, they state that this open sewer has received nearly £3m of taxpayers’ money in the last 6 years.
    I haven’t seen any of your comments at HP recently, been banned?
    They seem to have changed their stance regarding the R of P in the last few months, and are prepared to let people have their say these days.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 2, 2013 at 6:43 am |

      Yup, I knew this about the public money. It is an absolute scandal that any public money is going anywhere near the East London Mosque. A greater scandal is that we, or rather the Government, both Labour and Tory, have allowed an extremist Islamic group to control a London borough and hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers cash.

      The East London Mosque is a foul organisation, with very strong links to the community organising outfit Citizens UK. Neil Jameson the head of Citizens UK has a long record of running cover for the East London Mosque. Despite all this there are many Liberal Christians and Liberal and Reform Jews who refuse to see the problems and continue to back the London branch of Citizens UK. This to me is utter, utter stupidity. They are feeding the monster that will eventually eat them.

      I believe that I have been banned from HP. HP featured my story about the Chipping Norton Mosque and when I tried to reply to the comments I found that I could not. This may of course be a techie issue but on the other hand may not. As you say they have become a bit more realistic about the ‘religion of exploding to pieces’ so I may have another go at trying to comment. I believe that HP or rather Sarah AB took exception to my comment that if the problem of Islam wasn’t sorted out in a democratic and legal way and if the pandering to Islam continues then hotheads may take the law into their own hands. I was not encouraging violence in fact I was deploring it.

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